Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Last Weekend of the Barn Sale

Well, The Barn Sale is happening! A slow beginning but ended up really doing well. When I asked Jay at the store who could help me get some stuff hauled off he said he knew just the person and would see him soon. An hour or so later 2 guys came by and took away the scrap iron and then hauled some trash as well. Of course, I gave one of them the treadle sewing machine. So all were happy.

People were here very early , one when I came back from setting up a sign at 8am. I just kept setting up things and taking off the tarps.

The neighbors were aslo having a yard sale so it got lively with cars stopping and trucks manovering in and out of driveways. But was good to have more stuff gone. One more day and I will make a call to see who can come and get the rest of the "stuff" and also see what they will pay to do this!
I am anxious to get back to painting as I have been consumed with the logistics of work and getting everything tagged for the big clean. I already feel lighter and an artist stopped by at work to see if I would give her a refresher in encaustics so there is a sea change in the air which is a very positive outcome of clearing out the clutter.
And another positive note. I could not get the licence plates onto my car. I did not have the right tool and a neighbor on the island said she thought she did and would come back and help me get legal. She brought back socket wrenches but then the bolts were metric, go figure, so I went to look for anything I thought would work and used the tools I open my oil paints with. She was patient and we got the job done. That's one of the perks of living in a small community. You never know who can help you but there is always someone.
Be well and travel lightly on this wonderful earth of ours. She is in need of extreme care, Diane

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