Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What I have been working on lately

Well I finally finished this rug last week, got it bound and whipped the edge with yarn. The idea came from one of my paintings.

Penobscot Bay  this rug is long and narrow so not clear what happened to the photo

Now for some cloth work, I was feeling badly that I had not done much over the month the class ran and went through the piles of fabric to see what had been accomplished. I was pleasantly surprised that I began as many as I found. None finished but ideas are there and ready when time allows.


For this cloth I already know what comes next and will be a series of blues in old linens and some other cloth from the dye jars.

This one I call House/Home



The Moon's Story which I continue to work on

This one is resting

This cloth honors my old friend Mr Blue
He was at the pond the other day and I was as close as I had ever been to him sketching and taking his photo
Not clear if this one is done, not quite I'm thinking but like the dark blue  is resting for a bit. Processing. Now I will try out some of the new lessons that just happened, words, split stitches and a thumb smash. Who can tell where the cloth will wander, I feel the ocean calling, maybe dense peasoup fogg. That images keeps asserting itself in my mind's eye. Til Then back to the rugs.