Sunday, February 28, 2010

All Packed and so Ready to fly

The past few days have been one of anticipation for my coming trip to Ireland and the aftermath of the Nor'Easter that hit the island. I lost power along with most of my neighbors here on Westport and the hum of the generators set the tone for several days. Not having a generator, or water, or heat and a hole in my roof the days quickley got colder and colder. As I left on the 2nd morning to go to get some hot coffee I glanced back at my house and there was a big ole hole at the top of my roof. The roof is not old by normal standards. I had it reroofed not 10 yrs ago. I was worried about the roof over the kitchenwhich continually blows off pieces of shingles. I called a neighbor who came over and assesed the situation. Meanwhile i had found some shingles from the original roofing job and he went to get his tools.Thanking the universe for an honest workman he went over the roof and did what he could nailing a bunch of shingles that had never seen a nail before. I was lucky it was a nor'easter because i probaly would have lost the whole roof if the wild wind had come from another direction.

My son Ethan brought me a propane grill and I heated some soup and hot water for tea and coffee. and Just as I was cooking a blast of snow and ice came down but did not last long. The same thing happened at night making grilled cheese sandwiches but this time the rain and sleety ice turned to snow and kept it up all night.

The lights did come back on in time to take a shower do a laundry change the sheets and then out again. Then an hour or so later on again. I woke to a cold house and went outside to heat the water again. Three hours later the electricty came back on but by now I was cold to the bone again and still can't seem to get warm. I went over my packing and took a few things out, every bag was getting very heavy. Then i realised i could not get my knitting and jounrnal into my purse so decided to sew together the carpet bag after all and here it is stuffed to the gills. Ready for whatever the next day's journey brings. Bon Voyage next post Ireland

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Rug Hookers' Class

Today was the last class before I leave for Ireland next Monday night. I thought I'd show what everyone is working on. The class is an open one where everyone chooses what they want to work on.

Susan's House

Charlotte's House

Catherine's Carpet Bag

Diane's Carpet bag  ready to sew together

and one more image Christine's Valentine Since she was not at class today, no image of her rug. 


Made with cotton and vintage Kimono fabric and Sashiko stitches.

Thanks for stopping by. I am packing my canvasses and oils for the big trip to Moyard near Clifden and I hear the weather is fierce and I was warned to be prepared. So back in go the wool mittens and hat along with wool scarf and maybe there will be room for my warm shawl. I am sewing together a sweater tonight or at least that is my hope and goal. I leave on the 1st of March and will be gone until the 24th not clear if I will have the internet near by to post on line or not. But lots of paintings to show when I get back. I have a room inside that I will use as a studio so all who ordered postcards from Ireland rest assured whatever the weather I have a studio to paint in. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Catching up

We are waiting for a storm here on the coast. Rug hooking went well today, I gave the class Valentines well, all but Christine, I just did not manage to get hers finished will take a photo of it when done. Meanwhile here is a large cloth I am working on.
and a sweet story cloth for a friends child

I really admire the women who are able to remember to take photos of their work as it is being made as well as the end result. I seem to remember this right after I have given it as a gift or a rug that has been sold. One of my rugs is still hanging at On Board Fabrics. I must get down there to take a photo, it's of my all time favorite the Chain Link Islands off the coast downeast in Penobscott Bay. Now I am going back to work on Christine's Valentine. 

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Slow start to the day

The air is still very brisk and it seems to have come inside slowing me down. I did manage to get some images off the camera and wanted to show what I am working on. the frist one is a WIP.

Blue and White

A few Valentines again hand stitched
Vintage fabric and a tea bag sewn onto wool batting and a flannel back

This one has scraps of batik from previous quilts, teabags pieces, hand stitching and words in ink. The heart is hanging separately.

This one was inspired by a dramtic black and white scarf wrapped at least 3 times around a neck.

I have begun working on a "cloth" made with tea bags slow going.  Will post once I figure out the orientation and if I think I can actually do this... 

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

6 more Weeks of Winter

Time passes rapidly and I am closer now to the date when I fly to Ireland. I have a new rolling duffle. My chiropracter put me onto a good buy and I went to check it out and came home with a shiny green and black bag. Tpday I began loading in the art supplies. I had to change gears when I realised I could not take the sizes of canvas I had ordered. I gessoed canvass, no stretchers and will take them in a roll. I had done this before and it works ok. And my back will appreciate the lightness. While going over my list and what I had in mind to pack in the bag and what to take in my backpack, I came across my pack of post cards, I always appreciated the artist who offered an affordable original from their journey. I will have a limited number to offer at $18.00 which includes postage. This will be a first come first on the list. What I can tell you is it will not be encaustic but will fall under oils, watercolor, collage or drawing. Please email me to learn of the avaiability and to preorder and pay for this limited number of "post cards from Ireland".

Since this year I am working with integration I wanted to add a few of the hooked rugs that I have made over the past few years.

This one started me back into the hooking.

This one was for my room.

And this one was from last November
These little gems are the Artist Trading cards I made for our hook in and that is it for today. 
I will take photos of the Valentines I am making in slow cloth mode, having great fun but am also ready to get back to the paint.