Thursday, April 15, 2010

Still Cold In Maine

My double bloodroot is in bloom will take a shot tomorrow before the rain comes. They remind me of small nomes popping out of the ground. I'll hope the deer don't know they are in blossom.

Rug hooking is moving along I began a wall hanging of 2 islands, an all time favorite theme.
Wool on Linen 17" x 18"

Not yet steamed
Islands Outside of Time

For painting I had 6 small canvasses so painted a quilt of the view to Omey Island
They actually fit together but I hung them individually to see if they could stand alone also.

And to stretch my brain, all the reporting on older brains has me thinking about the "myelin" that Robert Genn's newsletter referred to, so have signed myself up for a Portrait class at the Farnsworth with Martha Miller. This begins next month giving me some lead time as I have not drawn the head nor body in a long while. So stay tuned. To psych myself I have dug out the following art books, Lucien Freud, Alice Neel, Bonnard and my fav, Bloomsbury. They were always drawing each other as well as their own portraits 

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love the six paintings together as a series.