Monday, October 18, 2010

A Stunning Fall Day

This morning is bright, crisp and definitely fall. The cat decided not to go out the wind is brisk, the trees are blowing off their leaves at an alarming rate.

The wind is playing tag this morning as
one tree after another does the
flutter dance and then
is still.

                                        Wind dances across the water

This is my morning walk first by the pond and then next down a woods road to gather windfall

Down this road is where I gathered the leaves and other bits of lichen and fern for this tiny bundle.
Picture will come next time !

 Blogger is not allowing me to access the rest of my images.
I will close for now and try back later. The outside is calling me and so is the wrapping of the bottom of the house in plastic. This last nor'easter let me know just how much wind is coming through this old 1780 schoolhouse. Too much! Off to do chores and enjoy this glorious weather, we all know what's due soon. The white stuff and with the amount of acorns this year looks like it could be a very wintry year.

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