Sunday, November 21, 2010

Productive Week

I must say the cold weather agrees with me. I have had a solid week of working both teaching and in the studio. Feels good. I finished some projects, some still have a bit more to go, another done except for steaming. All my rug hooking is steamed for finishing.

Self Portrait in progress

Bench cover
Hollyhock Rug Border left to do

Fish Mat needs steaming

Old Santa  also work in progress

That's it for now it may be warm enough to go for a walk with no trucks or hunters on the roads...

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Hey- that self-portrait looks pretty cool! I didn;t know you were painting - thought it was all hooking and quilting for a while. The hollyhock rug looks amazing too! The Fransworth has a rug hooking show up right now- I peeked last week - looked interesting.