Sunday, July 24, 2011

Buzy Summer

The summer is here in full force with 93 degree days and above. There is a breeze flowing through the old school house today. I got up very early to tend the weeds which love this weather. Then I gave all the veggies, herbs and flowers a big drink, dug up an unwanted rose bush the birds planted, did a brief meditation outside and wrote my 15 to 20 minutes. By then it was growing warmer and the body does not like that bit at all.

I want to ackowledge the passing of one of the great painters who "did it his way", Lucien Freud died last Wednesday in England. I went on line to find a certain catalogue a friend had told me about to learn prices for his books are skyrocketing. This one was 350.00 and another was over 400. So i am very grateful i have 2 books about him and his paintings. Then I attempted a self portrait and am not sorry i still have no way to post images.

The hooked rug show at Mariner's Compass is up until Aug 15th. Located in the shipbuilding town of Bath on lower Front St diagonally across from Bracket's Market. Open tuesday thru sat 10 to 5. Don't miss it! Great rugs done by my students, first projects to original designs. The round Robin is a special challenge project by the Monday Hookers and they did a  beautiful job. Red's Eats has been the overall favorite. A second rug by Susan Schweigard of wiscasset, Maine. Check out the There should be photos of some of the rugs there.

Then in August on the first weekend, 5,6 and 7, I will be on the Maine Fiber Arts tour. Come by see the gallery where i have hooked rugs for sale as well as my painitngs and story clothes. Then visit my studio where rug hookers will be demonstrating. The studio is a working studio so you can see inside where i paint, hand sew the story clothes and hook my rugs. The hours for that weekend are 10 to 5 daily. Fall schedules will be ready if you have a hankering to make an heirloom to pass down to children or grandchildren or if you want to beautify your home.

In September, part of each week, I will be in the little red building at Maine Fiberarts in Topsham for the month. We are still working out a schedule for classes to be held there. I will have rugs there, some supplies and be glad to show you how i hook.
There will also be a Rug exhibit in the Fiberarts gallery you won't want to miss.

I've got the word out again for anyone who has upgraded their laptop if they want to dontate their old one to a worthy artist. The one i presently try to use is 12 years old and simply does not have capacity to integrate with updated systems.  and tends to crash if i go on a search that travels thru 3 sites. Ever  hopeful, Enjoy the summer winter is not far behind, Diane

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