Thursday, February 07, 2008

Winter just does not stop!

Hello from a wintry island where it snows one minute, sleets the next and then rains all of 2 hrs then changes to snow again and stays at the snow for a day and a half. Had trouble yesterday loading the images onto the blog so here i am trying again. I wanted to show you the Sahiko stitching in encaustic. Hots wax stitches.... lets see what happens this time. Ok Here thye are but they still are up aboove the text when I want them to be beside the text But you get the idea the blue on the sides is tape to protect the edges. I want to have a wall of the stitches in wax as though it were a futon cover that was patched many times.
I have also been painting today another white painting not quite finshed though. Will now get back to it. And am working on the binding of a quilt and the small 12 " sample for my rug hooking class so even though deep winter here I am finding lots to keep me busy on days I don't go out to work in the fabric store. Live well, Diane

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