Saturday, March 27, 2010

On the road again

Did I say it was cold? This image is one I woke to all too often the first weeks of my stay.
iced over atlantic

We were headed to Omey Island Beach but a quick stop in Clifden allowed me to return a book I had already read and see the stores windows before the shops were officially open. Needless to say I was not there at the heighth of the tourist season.
This one was for Shanna and her fox

Back on the road

These sheep seem to always be going straight up

and the land was covered with rocks and ruins and more rocks and ruins

One of the ruins at the side of the road

and here is where I will leave you for now as I am off to a meeting of New England Wax and connecting with a friend in Portland rather shortly for the drive to Boston area ....

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a fox for me?! i dreamt of a fox the other night..along with 7 other animals....but that fox keeps coming back :)

i want to see pics of artwork!!!!