Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain on the coast of Maine

Here on the island nothing but rain and more rain and a lot of wind. The pond across the way is full to the brim.

Ireland has standing stones and Holy wells  and I was curious to go see one set of stones in Derryenver. We set out by way of the stone man where M ordered stones for the driveway and he said take the high road. Well, as it happened we took the low road. A beautiful road that was close to the edge of the cliff and looking out onto the water saw the buoys for fisheries.
spectacular scenery

After we got to the end of this road ended up in a fram yard we turned and came back passing the same farmer on his tractor. When we took the high road we got to the stones only to find that the sign read No Entry and off we went. Was difficult not being in the driver's seat as I would have taken a photo or 2 as it was I did sketch a quick drawing so I knew what the alignment of the stones was.

Another trip took us to Kanturk and down onto the Dingle Penninsula. We drove around Slea Head and Ventry where M went into the potteres and I took some shots of the facinating cliffs.

                                           And from here we drove around Slea Head
Look at these cliffs

From Dingle back to Kanturk and the Arts Festival where I purchased a small painting. Then we headed back to Connemara and the welcome fire.

As soon as the weather lightens up here I will take photos of the paintings done in Ireland and a few done at home since I got back.

Next trip to Donegal and am hoping the photos will load better. I have been having the devils time getting them into photoshop to size and save.

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Nice fireplace. Did it kick out a lot of heat?