Friday, July 14, 2006

Up for air

Well, Its been a long week and more. As I said earlier I got nailed with that cold/flu. It is not nice zaps your energy and leaves the body listless and tired of coughing all the time. I am finally feeling better and ready to get serious about my painting. The days go by and all I have to show for the past 2 weeks is 2 paintings. My daughter was up her this past Monday and she liked both thought my brushstrokes had changed a bit and some other things she noticed. It is so nice to have a comment like that. We who work in our studios work away and never quite know what the response will be to our latest art making. Sometimes its silence which is the most difficult to take. For I never know did they not like the painting, the color the idea or were they just too shy to say anything. I suppose silence is better than what happened to me last year when I was in a blue mood and painting blue paintings. One person just told me she hated blue so could not even look at them and another asked if there had been a sale on blue paint. Its never easy being an artist. So much comes at you out of the "blue"! Could not resist. I have many conversations with fellow artists about the no comment situation and we can never figure it out. Sometimes these same people who give no comment actually buy a painting. So no comment doesn't always mean don't like it. Does anyone have any other ideas why people are so reticent to say anything when looking at someone's art.

Ok now I've got that off my chest its time to go paint. I got all the boards gessoed yesterday. These boards were cut before I went to Art Week so am thrilled to feel better and have some energy to paint. My studio/gallery is now open on the Island noon to 5 Thursday thru Sunday. May close early Sat to go to a reception in Damariscotta... Happy painting, Diane


Anonymous said...

Yo Diane. Interesting site...Susan

magpie said...

Well I hope your feeling much better by now. I think the psychic is right to encourage you to write. Have you considered travel writing? Seems like it would be a perfect match. Can't wait to see some of your island work.

Anonymous said...

And of course you would illustrate your books with your paintings!