Monday, July 03, 2006

Back from the island

Reentry to regular life is difficult after spending a fogbound week on an island in Penobscot Bay with 11 other artists including a harpist and a singer/songwriter and an exstrodinary chef and helper chef.... The "Big House" sheltered us all during rain, thunder, fog, and occasional glimpses of sun. The beaches and trails drew us out when the rain stopped. The many porches found easels set up, carving tools out along with sketchbooks and journals. A full week of productivity until the very last moment. The beauty and peace washed over us with the tides. We saw seals, eagles, ospreys; took outdoor showers looking into tree tops, battled very large mosqitos, drifted to sleep hearing the thump of cards from the game Oh Hell and the loud cracks as the pitch burned out of the spruce logs in the fire.

I came home with many paintings, some work, some are just in the idea stage and then I have the ones I want to make now.

More tomorrow, keep painting, Diane

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