Monday, July 31, 2006

Where does the time go?

Hello, Its a beautiful, not too hot day here on Westport Island. I have been painting, mowing the lawn and attending a few openings so where has the rest of the time gone? All of a sudden it will be August and the morning air is cool, the bluejays are back (from where?) the chickadees too are very noisy again in the mornings. All the colorful song birds seem to have vanished and its not even August. The golden rod is in bloom as are fields of milk weed and other weeds and road sideianna way ahead of schedule. My garden looks like the end of August not much blooming but hollyhocks and daylillies and waiting for the mums and glorioso daisies. I need an idea to paint and am wandering around the garden trying to be inspired. It's not working. I have 7 small canvasses ready to go and have not an idea or inspiration to latch on to. These need to be ready for September first and I am getting panicky. So will do what I know and drag out the quilt that was supposed to be on my bed this summer and has yet to be finished. The colors will wet my appetite and who knows maybe I can come up with an idea for the paint and canvas. Enjoy the summer, Diane

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