Tuesday, June 20, 2006

20 June 2006

We just had a wonderful thunder and lightning shower here on the island. Because the island is surrounded by 3 rivers the storms seem to follow the path of a river so the storm began at the north end and continued to rumble and flash its way down island and then across and finally way over to the left before leaving us with a varied sky of soft cobalt blue and paynes gray hit with the snow white clouds. I expected a rainbow but never did see one. I have been busy packing all my art supplies for the week retreat beginning on Saturday June 24th. Since it is out on an island what I take is what I get to use. Plus all of us with our supplies need to fit onto the mail/lobster boat for the ride to the island. I have lots of canvas bags packed with my canvasses to paint. Then the proverbial green joint compound bucket with turps, alkyd, large tubes of paint that don't fit in my paint box, paper bags for trash, plyers to open stuck caps. You can just imagine the "stuff" I have to think of. Not to say sketch books, cameras, film for one and charged batteries for the digital as the voltage on the island is not what we can use to recharge the batteries. Now, I just have left what clothes I think I may need out on a Maine island in what we call summer. I am getting very psyched to finally have everything done that needs doing and be on my way. I won't be able to blog from the island but will fill you in once I come back again the first of July. Happy painting, Diane