Friday, June 16, 2006

Hello from Westport Island on a sunny day in June. I was asked about the painting at Sherman Lake. It was strange to go and paint what had been a lake and is now tidal. I exspected to see all the old birds I had seen before but they were missing. I did see one egret but none of the larger birds like the Blue Heron or the Osprey. Could have been timing. The grass was dense with water and over my sandles by two trips with painting gear to set up at a picnic table. But it was wonderful being outside in the sun with gorgeous clouds drifting across the sky. I had already begun a painting facing south where the tide was leaving a lot of good brown muck. I do like low tide. But wished I had started with a sky painting. First after the months of steady rain it was nice to see the sun and blue sky and second I so love painting skies. I am not quite finished with the painting but will try to upload it when it is done.

I had an electrician here this week and now have 7 lights in the school house. I am excited to think I don't have to stop painting when the light goes. I find I am painting more and more in the studio. An interesting change.

Keep painting, Diane


magpie said...

I would love to see the Sherman Lake painting. What size is it?

magpie said...

Finally! I wish I had a friend to go out and paint with. I always enjoy it once I'm out but without a companion I find it difficult to motivate myself.