Thursday, June 22, 2006

Still Packing

Hello from sunny and a bit breezy Westport Island. I hear that some rainy weather is coming in on Saturday just in time for my boatride to the Art Retreat! Wouldn't it be just like that! Here in Maine we have had such a glorious week with weather just about perfect and if we had rain it was at night. The flowers this year are stellar especailly the wild roses. I have many jars of rose petals changing into rose elixer. The peonies are so huge they bend over with the weight of their blossoms. My paints are all packed or I would be painting them now as they sit so beautifully in a tall blue and white Japanese vase. But I have taken photographs for later inspiration. I don't paint from photos but sometimes I will get inspiration by going thru some photos and making drawings then getting out the canvas. I am getting both excited and a bit nervous which is usual for me in new situations. This may be the last post until I come back July 1st so I wish you all great weather to go out and paint, Diane