Friday, June 23, 2006

It"s now easier to comment

Thanks to all who emailed me to let me know the comments weren't working! I wondered why it got so quiet. I was asked if I am a professional artist. Depends on your criteria. Do I earn a living with my art, no I don't. Do I paint as much as I can and is my life constructed around my art making yes. I have both a BFA and a MFA. I devote as much time to my art as is possible. Although the past early spring writing has come up many ways. I took a memoir class and hope to gather a few stories from the notebook and will do something with them. I do write every day and last month visited a psychic who said I could be doing a lot more with writing. What could be better painting and writing and living on a island in a one room school house with an abundance of roses surrounding the house. Well, maybe living on an island further out to sea... Be well, Diane

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