Tuesday, February 02, 2010

6 more Weeks of Winter

Time passes rapidly and I am closer now to the date when I fly to Ireland. I have a new rolling duffle. My chiropracter put me onto a good buy and I went to check it out and came home with a shiny green and black bag. Tpday I began loading in the art supplies. I had to change gears when I realised I could not take the sizes of canvas I had ordered. I gessoed canvass, no stretchers and will take them in a roll. I had done this before and it works ok. And my back will appreciate the lightness. While going over my list and what I had in mind to pack in the bag and what to take in my backpack, I came across my pack of post cards, I always appreciated the artist who offered an affordable original from their journey. I will have a limited number to offer at $18.00 which includes postage. This will be a first come first on the list. What I can tell you is it will not be encaustic but will fall under oils, watercolor, collage or drawing. Please email me to learn of the avaiability and to preorder and pay for this limited number of "post cards from Ireland".

Since this year I am working with integration I wanted to add a few of the hooked rugs that I have made over the past few years.

This one started me back into the hooking.

This one was for my room.

And this one was from last November
These little gems are the Artist Trading cards I made for our hook in and that is it for today. 
I will take photos of the Valentines I am making in slow cloth mode, having great fun but am also ready to get back to the paint.  

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sign me up for a postcard from ireland!!! email me the details, please!