Sunday, February 28, 2010

All Packed and so Ready to fly

The past few days have been one of anticipation for my coming trip to Ireland and the aftermath of the Nor'Easter that hit the island. I lost power along with most of my neighbors here on Westport and the hum of the generators set the tone for several days. Not having a generator, or water, or heat and a hole in my roof the days quickley got colder and colder. As I left on the 2nd morning to go to get some hot coffee I glanced back at my house and there was a big ole hole at the top of my roof. The roof is not old by normal standards. I had it reroofed not 10 yrs ago. I was worried about the roof over the kitchenwhich continually blows off pieces of shingles. I called a neighbor who came over and assesed the situation. Meanwhile i had found some shingles from the original roofing job and he went to get his tools.Thanking the universe for an honest workman he went over the roof and did what he could nailing a bunch of shingles that had never seen a nail before. I was lucky it was a nor'easter because i probaly would have lost the whole roof if the wild wind had come from another direction.

My son Ethan brought me a propane grill and I heated some soup and hot water for tea and coffee. and Just as I was cooking a blast of snow and ice came down but did not last long. The same thing happened at night making grilled cheese sandwiches but this time the rain and sleety ice turned to snow and kept it up all night.

The lights did come back on in time to take a shower do a laundry change the sheets and then out again. Then an hour or so later on again. I woke to a cold house and went outside to heat the water again. Three hours later the electricty came back on but by now I was cold to the bone again and still can't seem to get warm. I went over my packing and took a few things out, every bag was getting very heavy. Then i realised i could not get my knitting and jounrnal into my purse so decided to sew together the carpet bag after all and here it is stuffed to the gills. Ready for whatever the next day's journey brings. Bon Voyage next post Ireland



safe journeys!!!

Kimberly said...

Oh hooray! You are out of the cold leaky schoolhouse and onto adventures afar! Do have a lovely time! I look forward to reading about your trip.


anxiously awaiting for details on your ireland trip.

i LOVE the postcard you sent!!!! sweet watercolor. thanks!