Monday, February 22, 2010

The Rug Hookers' Class

Today was the last class before I leave for Ireland next Monday night. I thought I'd show what everyone is working on. The class is an open one where everyone chooses what they want to work on.

Susan's House

Charlotte's House

Catherine's Carpet Bag

Diane's Carpet bag  ready to sew together

and one more image Christine's Valentine Since she was not at class today, no image of her rug. 


Made with cotton and vintage Kimono fabric and Sashiko stitches.

Thanks for stopping by. I am packing my canvasses and oils for the big trip to Moyard near Clifden and I hear the weather is fierce and I was warned to be prepared. So back in go the wool mittens and hat along with wool scarf and maybe there will be room for my warm shawl. I am sewing together a sweater tonight or at least that is my hope and goal. I leave on the 1st of March and will be gone until the 24th not clear if I will have the internet near by to post on line or not. But lots of paintings to show when I get back. I have a room inside that I will use as a studio so all who ordered postcards from Ireland rest assured whatever the weather I have a studio to paint in. 

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