Sunday, June 13, 2010

Class work "Steal That Painitng!"

This is my interpretation of a Paula Modersohn Becker Painting. I went back and forth a bit between Paula's features and my own. Finished it at home. This was a very fun class and all the work was so interesting. I did not have a camera so no pics of my class mates who were Freda Kahlo, Cezanne, Mogdalini, and so many more. Next week is our last and final class. The series was not long enough I feel as though I am just
getting comfortable in the different media we have been using.  Each has their own specialness to use in a self portrait.  Some I had not used before like powdered charcoal. Then also learning which papers held pigment best. Using both wet and dry in the same drawing all have added to the learning curve.  

Now I am off to do my home work which is a self portrait using things from the top of a counter, bureau or workspace.  

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