Thursday, June 17, 2010

An online Class in Cloth Story Begins, Building A Base

Day One: What if I build a base and don't stop there? I could do some cloth weaving. Yes and then baste.

Then I thought what if I try to make a base and stop at the base?

What if I take 2 pieces of fabric and then make a weaving structure on top?

What if I try to put different fabrics on top of the backing?

And what if I add a moon to the first base?

What if that is all I manage to do for todays class? And tomorrow I find a sheer and make a cloth sandwich?
The biggest problem I am having is trying to look at the videos on dial up. Took over 2 hours yesterday to see the demo that was 6 + mintes long. This is not fun but the stitching is....
And tomorrow is the last drawing class at the Farnsworth. We'll have a model for half the class and then a crit and food. Sad to have the class end.


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linda said...

Hi Diana, you might try going to the library to see the videos. I would imagine they'd have a quicker download there! I'm really getting a lot out of jude's class. I've gone ahead and signed up for the beast class. That should be fun.

Robin Olsen said...

This story cloth is very striking--even if it is just a background. Maybe that's enough? I'm enjoying looking through your blog.

jude said...

hey, i will be getting the videos on dvd soon. will that help?