Saturday, June 12, 2010

Warm, Cool, Dark and Briight

Well this looks a bit fuzzy but the assignment was about color choosing 3 colors and sticking to them.
This assignment also got me thinking about masks and how we all wear them even when we don't think about it. I am thinking about a series using the mask form maybe in shape of a fan where the holder holds the fan in front of her face. How does or will this change how we feel and think about ourselves?

For Friday's class we were to put oursleves in a painting.... I chose Paula Modersohn Becker who was alive and painting at the top of her form  in 1907 when she died suddenly at age 31 after giving birth to a daughter. She used to draw and paint herself in self portraits as well as nudes. Was a friend to Rilke who wrote "Requiem for a Friend" in 1908 in her memory. Paula went back and forth from Germany to Paris and wanted to make something of herself as an artist. I will finish up the 2 drawings I did in class and post soon.

Now for a change in images these are 2 cloth pieces I am working in anticipation of Jude Hill's Story Cloth Internet class That begins next week.

This is part of a story cloth I am working on now.

Pinned and getting ready to bast together. This will be a base on which I will add other thoughts and ideas.

Just previewed this port and realised the header is still in winter. Will have to take some photos of the pond in almost summer.

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