Monday, June 28, 2010

A Few Days near the Water

Last week my friend from the Boston area came for a week to South Bristol. She is a painter and we have been painting together in the summer over the past 25+ years. So we have the routine down pat. We make a wide sweep to see what is available, what speaks to us on a given morning, afternoon, or evening. Then if nothing right close by speaks loudly we hop into the car and go off in search of the perfect spot. And this is not easy as both cars have our gear in them so we need to find a spot to park 2 cars close by so we are not lugging tons of stuff. This summer has been a bit more tricky. We have become over the years more studio painters. We both love being outside and nature is still very important but some how the setting up and the veiws are not calling in ways they have done so in the past. We also have painted many paintings in this area and enjoy new vistas to keep us challenged.

The sea smoke facinated and drew us to the shore for a closer look. We spent a long while watching as it blew in from the river and over the islands close by. Utterly enchanting and we took time to make a few  photos  from the walkway, oohing and ahhing first on one side and then the other. Summer has hit Maine!

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Pretty nice stuff.