Saturday, November 08, 2008

Another Foggy Day

This is the view from the bridge. The island is surrounded by 3 rivers and they are tidal. Watching over the rail of the bridge the leaves were in a swirling dance moving with the current. This actually happend after the morning walk and the painting but I could not position the photos below they kept wanting to be first.... All day I was very aware of the leaves as they fell from the trees like rain. They were all differnet, some were softly clattering and others never made a sound adding to the quiet of the foggy morning.

Here are the leaves are moving swiftly
up around the tip of the island.

I woke early this morning to a world softly wrapped in fog. The backyard looked beautiful with the pear tree's colors vibrating out from the fog. I just knew it would be a good day and would go for a walk as soon as possible. Here is a photo of Mr Blue all scrunched up on a tree branch. He stays so long in the fall and ends up spending a lot of time in this tree.

Here is the outlet to the pond.

After walking a bit I came back and got to painting.

This Day 8's AEDM for today. Susan's Garden.
Have a grand day, I just lost the image of the blue heron may post it separately... Diane

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