Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Day 4

Yes, I voted and when I came back home felt a bit jittery so knew not to paint. I need to be somewhat calm when I begin painting. And even though I have a good start on a painting of my friend Susan's garden, I thought it best to finish something i have been working on in my rug hooking class. A Lobster Welcome rug. It was small and I felt i could get it done quickly to be an example for my students. But instead it was taking forever and i
needed to be done with it. And since I was just filling in the black background I said today this is what i can do!

The top image is with the rug begun but nothing done in the background. Here is the finished rug all but the steaming and hemming... This is my AEDM for today.


carin.c said...

Great rug! My four year old son would love this... he loves lobsters and has a pair of lobster underwear that are one of his fav's, lol!

art spirit said...

I love your Lobster Rug! Great design and colors! Keep blogging...more rugs!