Monday, November 03, 2008

Third Day

Well, it's happening the well is beginning to fill.. Ideas are coming then the question is which one to attempt first. I got on a roll yesterday and after making a painting of the leafless trees in my backyard I went on to begin a painting in the series I will be working on this winter. I was able to finish the trees this morning and will be able to work on the next one tomorrow. What I find so refreshing is that the smell of the oils and using the brushes feels so comfortable and yet just 2 days ago I felt I could not paint. How quickly the rythm comes back. Oh its still in the rusty stages but the actual dipping of the brush into the medium and then the oil is just so seductive. Ita still a dream to be able to paint every day all the time. Am greatful for this time to paint.

Here on the island the weather has turned colder and all thoughts turn to what is coming, winter. I have plugged holes and hung lined curtains, have had some window units built that not only stop the drafts but also cut down on road noise. They work so well that my big room is more comfortable tahn it has been in years. You can read about them on
two inventers got together an dcame up with the idea. On eof the men Guy Marsden came to an informational meeting on the island to help us all get ready for winter and showed how to make these window units. They do work and in my drafty old one room school house they have been super so far and I imagine once the snow flies will work even better...
Make it a great day, Diane

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carin.c said...

The painting process is seductive... great word! Can't wait to see your painting series.