Friday, November 07, 2008

Day 7

This is the seventh day in AEDM and I am beginning to see a pattern here. I have my easel set up. I have even begun several paintings. But I find myself gravitating to any unfinished project except the painting.... This avoidance has got to stop. I want to paint. What is stopping me. I guess I'd better journal on this so I can wake up in the morning ready to paint. No more equivocating.... Sounds good sounds strong now to do it...
Today I had the usual host of errands and got back home around 3 listened to the chat with Obama. Took out the knitting needles and finished the leg warmers for a friend. They are fun and quite funky but will keep her warm on her daily walks. Here they are!
Does anyone else have trouble sticking to what they think they want to be doing. I do want to paint and yet find all sorts of "other stuff" to do..
Make it a great Day!!! Diane

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Leah said...

oh, i totally know that avoidance thing. it cracks me up when suddenly i really *want* to do the dishes. lol.

sometimes the hardest part is just starting and once you get over that hump of putting the paint on your palette it gets much easier. perhaps putting on some fun music and letting yourself just make a few strokes to see how it feels could be a way to get started?