Wednesday, November 05, 2008

One of My Favorite Things

Today I drove to Port Clyde, its about an hour north of me. Once a
month, I meet with a group of women. These same women have
been meeting for many many years. Maybe over 20 years now. There are only 5 of us left from 30 plus at one time. We used to meet and spin on our wheels but over the past few years it has become more knititng, chatting and just enjoying each others company as you do when you have known someone over many years. We meet in each others home, bring our lunch and whoever is the hostess makes a treat for the morning and desert. Today it was one of the members birthday and she opted to make her own cake. And we also had another knitter with us who brought new pattern books and some show and tell to wow us all. Leg warmers was the topic as several have dogs and are out in all kinds of weather and another spinner walks long distances daily. The leg warmers for show and tell were made from Noro a lovely Japanese yarn in varigated colors and the knitting was done circular so no seams to sew and fun to see all the color changes. I brought a small hooking project to work on. When I woke up this morning it was early, dark, and foggy so I got my coffee and sat down to begin this little mat. And because I had a good start I was able to finish it tonight. The incentivce to be creative every day is not new to me but to pay attention everyday and include that conscious bit of creativity as a normal occurance is just wonderful. I would like to be able to maintain this after the month of November is over. How is it that a challenge temps one to get to it when in the regular dailiness of evry day living this does not often happen. Between work, errands , getting the hosue prepped for winter,(which seems non ending) there are always more things to do in a day than the 24 hrs allow. So here is a photo of the snowman mat for a daughter in laws November B-day. Well I still can't seem to make the photos go where I want them and this one looks too yellow. The wool is white and the twig branch arms seem to have disappeared but you get the idea...
Make this an extraordinary day, Diane

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carin.c said...

You are fortunate to have such a group of women friends... somewhere where you always feel welcome. Love your snowman rug!